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What is NFC and what are its uses

Written By simo dziri on jeudi 28 mars 2013 | 03:39

What is NFC and what are its uses

Became NFC technology found in many modern devices, especially smart phones, along with some tablets and laptops. NFC is the destination of choice for payment means and passwords, and can be considered an upgraded version of the Qr Codes
Simple definition NFC is a means of communication between devices at close range, such as infrared technology, but more and more sophisticated.
Many devices support the NFC as Android devices (Nexus 4; Galaxy Nexus; Samsung galaxy s3 & s4; HTC ONE X) and some windows system devices iPhone and BlackBerry, but so far does not support any Apple device this technique.

Known uses of this technique, we find:
Payment where there are some gas stations and parking stations support this technology where it is enough to bring your closer machine NFC exact amount is withdrawn from your bank account safely.
File sharing, where this technology enables the exchange and share files with ease through the NFC.

In addition to these uses, anyone can buy a tool small disk-shaped adhesive called the nfc tag where they can be used for several tasks to be selected by the user as an example dear reader you can put this tool bedside sleep and adjust most settings that are put your phone in stylesilent (Mute) whenever Qrepetth of "label", where you'll almost your phone is placed in the style silent automatically. also you can put to label is tuned and registration PIN for the wireless network in your home where you can to a friend once rounded phone from the label that relates to the wireless network.

That this technology is still at the beginning of the journey is still under development to become one of the most important technologies in the future as was technical Alblothot era and evidence on the evolution of the device in one day

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